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Nickel, Steel and Titanium Metal Alloys

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We produce Nickel Alloy, Stainless Steel and Duplex Metal Bars.  We offer bar boring and trepanning if required.

Nickel alloys are several of minority metal products. These can be utilised in contact with fluorine, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen fluorine, or other by-products. These nickel sheets reveal really high resistance to caustic alkalies. Performance in seawater is additionally exceptional. This offers boosted resistance to cavitation corrosion as compared to copper-based alloys

Stainless steel bars or Stainless steel rods are utilised in various applications. These are particularly used in the construction industry as they are immune to tarnishing and rust, durable and durable. The stainless-steel rods and bars are readily available in different sizes. These vary from 3mm to 76.2 mm. We are also able to offer a reducing solution to meet your private requirements.

This stainless-steel bar or stainless-steel rods are stocked in 3 grades to match various uses and specifications.

  • 303 - has excellent corrosion resistance, totally free machining, not appropriate for welding or forming
  • 304 - has excellent corrosion resistance, ideal for forming and welding, ordinary machining
  • 316 - Is our highest grade and has exceptional corrosion resistance. This is suitable for creating and welding, however, is a little tougher to the machine

Duplex stainless steels are extremely corrosion immune, job hardenable alloys. Duplex stainless steel plate has fairly high levels of chromium (between 18% and 28%).  It also offers a low to moderate quantities of nickel (in between 1.5% and 8%).

Grades listed below available between 6 mm and 600 mm diameter.

  • Nickel alloys (400, K500, 600, 625, 718 , 725, 800 , 825 , 925 , C22 , C276)
  • Stainless Steels (304 / 304H / 304L / 310 / 316 / 316H / 316L / 317L / 321 / 321H / 347 / 347H / F44)
  • Duplex / Super Duplex (F51 , F53 , F55)
  • Other grades available on request
  • Bar Boring / Trepanning upon request