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Metal Tubes and Pipes

Our metal tubes and pipes are available in Stainless Steels, Stainless Steel Alloys, Duplex and Super Duplex.

Stainless-steel tubes and pipes have a glossy and aesthetically pleasing finish. These offer a great resistance to corrosion. This is why it is particularly suitable for ornamental applications. This includes curtain rails, clothes rails and furnishings. Our round stainless steel tube and pipe variety are offered for distribution in various sizes. Typical sizes are of approximately 3 metres and 6 metres.

Duplex steels are conveniently bonded and created, just like austenitic grades. Depending upon chromium, nickel and molybdenum material, duplex stainless-steels. These are split right into four main categories: lean duplex, duplex, very duplex and active duplex. This range of alloys has terrific advantages in both material and synthetic fabrication expenses.

The stainless steel tubes are readily available in 3 various coatings. Finishings include satin sleek which has actually a cleaned result with a great grain playing around the size. Or they can be bright refined which has a shiny mirrored appearance. Or they are available in mill surface which is un-decorative and may have marks from manufacturing and handling.

Available in:

  • Stainless Steels (304 / 304H / 304L / 310 / 316 / 316H / 316L / 317L / 321 / 321H / 347 / 347H / F44)
  • Duplex / Super Duplex (F51 , F53 , F55)
  • Nickel alloys (400, K500, 600, 625, 718 , 725, 800 , 825 , 925 , C22 , C276)

Available in:

  • Seamless (6 mm diameter OD to 60 mm diameter OD / 0.1 mm wall thickness to 6 mm wall thickness)
  • Welded (6 mm diameter OD to 60 mm diameter OD / 0.1 mm wall thickness to 6 mm wall thickness)